Four courageous LEB students on an internship in Ireland

Why doing an internship abroad? We had decided to do an internship in Ireland to grab the golden opportunity to acquire theories and knowledge that we will have in real working life settings. The internship helped us to identify our weaknesses and also our strengths. The other reason why we chose to do the internship was to be prepared for a more challenging work environment. Our life in school is incomparable with working life. A working life requires great effort, commitment and abilities; this is something that we need to be prepared and trained for.

Our internship took place in Ireland, in Dublin specifically. Each one of us worked in a different workplace and we were living in different host families.

We took our flight to Dublin the 12th June 2023 and our flight back home was on the 30th June 2023. It was three weeks in total. The first three days we had an English course and we learned in school about Irish culture and the Irish etiquette and history.

After the first three days we started work immediately in our workplaces.

Two of us worked in the Credit Union, one in the Samuel Beckett Civic Campus and the last one in NCBI donation shop. Our work colleagues were welcoming, nice and very helpful.

Additionally, we had a city tour in which we were guided by an employee from the Alaymont agency that showed us the historical monuments.

We were also visited by Ms. Porschen, one of our teachers from our school, and we went to the Epic Immigration Museum in Dublin.

In conclusion, it was a very good experience, we had a very good time learning new skills and getting to know new people in a new place. We would like to give a special thank to the organization that welcomed us in Ireland, and to our teachers that helped us feel more secure, comfortable and at ease with our stay in Dublin.


Hiba. J, Anna. M, Schein. G, Iman. R (WGY21a)

Autor: Annette Deppe,